Cage’s Got A Secret

Before there was Zappa playing a bicycle on the Steve Allen show, there was John Cage performing Water Walk on the TV-show I’ve Got A Secret. Might there be a link between musical innovators and game shows?

3 Responses to “Cage’s Got A Secret”

  1. Duncan says:

    Wow! Would this have been shown in LA? Synchronicity!

  2. Balint says:

    Thanks! (It seems Cage kills 5 ugly radios… :-) )

  3. bernard says:

    Yes for shure, there is a genuine relation btwenn present day music & games.

    Examples are plentiful. Just have a look at

    OK, I apologize beforehand for these ( rather well known phenomenons / examples:
    – K. H. Stockhausen ( remember: one of the Kraftwerk people learned the art from him).
    – J. Zorn ( Game Pieces, the aleatoric way).

    Music happens to , yes, Playing. Nothing more game like than J. S. Bach’s last work : Die Kunst der Fuge. He did’t even mention the instrument it should have played on ( because this was not necessary) you can play it on any instrument) .
    Mathematically 300 % OK, and it sounds good.

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