The Voice Of Cheese: Sterbus

VOC #9! Suffice it to say a considerable amount of footwork was involved in obtaining Sterbus‘ contribution — but I think it was more than worth the hassle in the end. The track is entitled “My Pruyem’s Got A Life On Eez Own”. Sterbus says:

The song comes from my new five-tracks ep called “eva anger” and it features me on guitars and basses and Alessandro Palermo on drums and Tiziano Tarli on vocals from my power-rock band Sweepers. And if you’re asking what “prujem” means, just ask Balint the meaning of “Hazegenezen van”!

Nine Inch Nails with a touch of Foo Fighters and a hint of Rick Wakeman at the end — have a listen:


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7 Responses to “The Voice Of Cheese: Sterbus”

  1. Balint says:

    Hey, a real strong one! I liked the bass line, also. (And I wonder who should I ask about the meaning of “Hazegenezen van”?… I’ve never heard it…) :-)

  2. SOFA - Philostopher/Chef says:

    Not sure about the NIN reference; Foo Fighters is spot on…
    And shouldn’t that have read “Rock Wankman”?
    (whatever happened to all the Continuity in the world?)
    Very Cool track, Sterbus! I especially enjoyed the juxtaposition of the Melody line against the power-chord riff. And the Bass’ improv towards the end – sorta a New Age Apostrophe…

  3. jonnybutter says:

    I like it, Sterbus. But I still want to know what ‘pruyem’ means!

  4. Sterbus says:

    Balint, I tought you were hungarian! or maybe my Budapest guide was’nt so good. But that’s the prujem story so far… Two years ago me and my friends Jollyman and The Modest Bsha decided to make a twelve days vacation in Praha, Vienna e Budapest…while Jollyman was sleeping, me and Bsha spotted on the Praga guide that “mam prujem” means “I got diarrhea” and we laughed to this. Then we we arrived in town Jollyman asked us how to say “good morning” in Czech, and we answered him back “mam prujem, of course!” so you can imagine poor-dude Jollyman comin’ in the shops and telling everybody “MAM PRUJEM!” sure to be gentle with the people of the place that always looked him in strange way…

  5. Sterbus says:

    …from that day, anyway, “prujem” became a word that always means “I’m full of ideas, I’m in a great creative mood”, etc… When we are strongly thinking, we say “wait a minute, I got prujem”.
    For those who liked the track, thank you! I just would like to add (just to get me banned fron Barry!) that the drum parts totally comes from another track, different in chords, changes and vocals, and I rebuild the song around that drum, in a xenochronic way… all the cd was made this way. Ok, that’s it!

  6. Balint says:

    Hi Sterbus – okay, now I’ve got it. The correct hungarian version is: “hasmenésem van” (you were close…). :-)

  7. Sterbus says:

    That’s why the joke didn’t functioned in Budapest!

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