You Didn’t Try To Ball Me

Baby Snake points out Play It Again Max, a cool blog featuring out of print LP’s never released on CD. One of them is The Plaster Caster Blues Band from ’69 (which has none of the Plaster Casters playing on it btw). The album contains one track entitled You Didn’t Try To Ball Me (Dedicated To Frank Zappa). Here it is for archival purposes:

Oh, and while perusing the aforementioned blog’s link section, I came across this rather familiar sounding name

6 Responses to “You Didn’t Try To Ball Me”

  1. Al Stone says:

    But there will only ever be one for me. Barry- the true, original KUR

  2. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    And there will only ever be a First Commenter Ever on KUR: Al Stone! ;)

  3. urbangraffito says:

    Aaaaaw. Sweet. Just like tune. Too bad it has no balls.

  4. bernard says:

    That other KUR at least has good taste.

  5. bernard says:

    His / her real name is KURballs.

  6. rich says:

    The other, non-Zappa related blog was named after an old radio.
    It was ugly and had to be killed.
    You can read about it here.