8 thoughts on “Amsterdam ’77”

  1. The Jaap Edenhal is the worst sounding venue in Amsterdam, hands down. I mean it’s ugly, it’s bad and don’t get me started on the toilet facilities. But it’s Frank, so I guess I will grab it.

  2. Dear Hans,

    Over here in Belgium most of the world famous bands perform in Vorst Nationaal, actually almost as bad ( i e acoustics) as Jaap Troepeldepoepel Hall.


    BE / BXL , thus Brussels is now planning a brand new Rock Temple. With optimal acoustics.


    Did you ever hear about the Concert Room of the Koninklijk Conservatorium / Conservatoire Royal in Brussels?

    A hidden acoustic jewel.

    Well, I’ve been told so by +/- 10 mostly US jazz musicians / ensembles.

  3. I’ll put the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in beautiful downtown Poughkeepsie NY against any venue for worst sounding. I mean, its a #@(*$& concrete bunker. At least the others mentioned are in Europe and so must automatically be nicer and more exotic :>

    Only time I saw Frank was there on 8/29/84, and the sound was absolute torture — uncontrollable high frequency horror.
    (BTW Anyone out there have that show? )

  4. Anyone ever had any success complaining to the concert promoter about the bad sound? I tried at Earls Court in London but got told to F***off. Ho Hum.

  5. Finally, after all these years!!!
    I was there and never heard it again until now. Thanks a MILLION.
    Think it was my third time I saw Frank; ’73 was the first (afternoon show at the Concertgebouw), Edenhal ’76 was my second I think. Are there any recordings?)
    Still vividly remember Eddie’s violin solo in Black Napkins and his modest bow to the audience when he finished. Great show, bad sound.
    Any news on the ZpZ tour 2007?

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