Rock Groupies Of The 70s


Where are they now?

2 Responses to “Rock Groupies Of The 70s”

  1. Hairfarmer says:

    If you haven’t allready seen “Plaster Caster” definately check it out. It’s really a very intersting portrait of an ARTIST, not a groupie.

    Although, if you’re a Zepplin fan I suggest NOT watching the deleted scenes. After the tale of her two experiances with Zepplin (sans Page and Jones) I’m not sure I ever want to listen to them again.

  2. urbangraffito says:

    These rock groupies were part of an historical period in popular music that will never be seen again…when it was all about the music, the bands, the musicians and the world surrounding them. “Now,” as FZ once said in a New York Times article, “it’s all about getting rich.”

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