Is There A Hungarian In The Audience?

Robin Slick, published novelist, raging liberal, and mother of 2/3 of “the Adrian Belew Power Trio” asks: Okay, Who Knows Hungarian?

Here’s an article about me where I am strategically placed between Pamela Des Barres, Marianne Faithful, Bebe Buell, and Germaine Greer! But for godsakes, it’s in Hungarian and so not only am I unable to translate it, there are no free on line services which will do it for me…

Why that’s a job for BalintMan if ever I saw one!

6 thoughts on “Is There A Hungarian In The Audience?”

  1. I doubt Balint could equal the mighty….

    For him ( also ) the writing came be the for the most the fiercer ages elmúltával. Robin Vent however as though lánykorában nor ette have such hot the mushes : valamennyi fellelhet self- and nemönéletrajza maidenly listens the calamus eltti ages , and only as much the sure , that Robin evermore also adores the rock. Sure the hush umpteen sudden the legrosszabbra infer from , but that Robin truly such madcap it had been e , than amilyennek unmitigated it’s a success rockmemoárjai Daddy Left Me Alone with God – the My dad ourself conventionality us God ) and szoftpornóba leaning „ni” his novels on the basis opine can be. THE blogja in any case prize , and everyway is it interesting reading , in addition aver , that Robin living – leastwise at the moment – truly only the rock towards revolve. Sure for the most already only about your child basszusgitáros for his daughter and drummer fiát protezsálgatja. notice who ne loves one such motherless?!

  2. Yes, right, where is our beloved B. ?

    Come on, Hungarians( magyar) happen to be exceptionally Musical, like their brothers in arms the Fins ( suomi).
    … They ‘re from the same tribe, coming from beyond the Urals +/- 100 years ago ( the great European migration period).

    Come on, B.

  3. Apologies, I’ve lost one 0 underway.

    It’s 1000 years ago, not just 100.

    Anyway this happens to be deeply rooted.

  4. Robin Slick – the one who only writes

    After her wilder years writing seems to be the thing for her. Robin Slick – it seems – wasn’t too wild even at a younger age: in all of her autobiographies you’ll not find anything about her life before being a writer. One thing is sure: she always adored rock music. (…)

    Her blog is award-winning, anyway, and a really interesting thing to read, and it also proves that Robin’s life – at the moment – IS arond rock. But she’s mostly helping her bass playing daughter and drummer son. Our note: who would not like to have a mother like this?

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