The AAAFNRAA Birthday Bundle

Ian Stonehouse spotted an oddity available on iTunes UK: “The Frank Zappa AAAFNRAA Birthday Bundle”. It was released December 15 and consists of the following recycled and new (?) tracks:

  1. Trying’ To Grow A Chin – FZ
    (Live ’76) Sydney, Australia 1-20-76
  2. Dead Girls of London – FZ
    (Live ’79) – Odeon Hammersmith, London 2-79
  3. You Are What You Is – FZ
    (Live ’80) 12-11-80, Santa Monica Civic Auditorium
  4. Bamboozled By Love – FZ
    (Live ’88) 5-8-88, Wein, Austria
  5. Fine Girl – FZ
    (Remix) 8-20-86 UMRK Remix by FZ with Bob Stone
  6. Girlie Woman – Diva Zappa
  7. When The Ball Drops – Diva Zappa
  8. Bring It Back – Ahmet Zappa
  9. Feel How I Need You – Ahmet Zappa
  10. Rhythmatist – Dweezil Zappa
  11. Everyone Is Going Mad – Moon Zappa & Jellybird

iTunes link for the curious…

Update: more info available at, and entry above updated accordingly. Apparently “all tracks are previously unreleased (except #8 which is from DZ’s latest album, Go With What You Know.)”

18 Responses to “The AAAFNRAA Birthday Bundle”

  1. urbangraffito says:

    Save your money folks…all of the FZ tunes are recycled from albums and CDs we already have, and the tunes from the Zappa Kids are IMO quite dreadful (I quickly washed out my ears with a playing of The Grand Wazoo).

  2. Vaultmeister says:

    Not true, maybe you should try again. Plus, take a look at for all information regarding the tracks since Itunes isn’t set up for such things.

  3. Joe nntj says:


  4. Jeff says:

    Love it! What the hell is urbangraffito talking about. It’s got about 5 Zappa tracks we’ve never heard before.

  5. ZarFT says:

    yes folks, if you like this, you’ll love MOAAAFNRAABB which will be released soon on a completely different medium than anything released to date!

  6. Deeva says:

    wanna buy a cap?

  7. urbangraffito says:

    I admit it, the last 6 tracks ruined the first 5 for me and I was far too quick to comment. What I’d like to hear are the actual concerts from which the first 5 tracks were taken minus the dregs. How about a mini-MOAAAFNRAABB?

  8. Johan Forssell says:

    Oh my gawd, Ahmed and Diva’s track wasn’t … very good, to put it nicely.

  9. Matt says:

    i love diva’s tracks, they’re so out of tune but funny, it’s perfect.
    Do not think for a moment that Frank wouldn’t have cracked up hearing those.
    Ahmet’s on the other hand… umm… it’s the holidays and if i can’t say anything nice…

  10. Deeva says:

    If you buy a cap, please be VERY CAREFUL when you try to open the package. You might want to immediately open the package and put the cap into another. safer and easier to use, receptacle, perhaps a ziplock sandwich bag, if you have one handy (be sure to remove the remnants of lunch before you do so). Due to shipping errors not all caps will arrive with a booklet. Don’t fret. You’ll receive it soon. XXX and OOO to all!

  11. Magic Fingers says:

    As a matter of interest, do we believe the provenance of these unreleased tracks? Bearing in mind previous experience. Can’t check them myself as I am non-Ipod man. Anyone……?

  12. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    Magic: evenin’ guv! Dunno, but I tend to trust the Vaultmeister (see a couple of comments earlier, and yes: it is the Vaultmeister, trust me).

  13. xorg says:

    I give up. Why can’t they just be straightforward about FZ releases? I doubt if any of us really want the ‘Other Zappas’ efforts, any more than John Lennon fans ever wanted Yoko’s tracks on his albums.

  14. Magic Fingers says:

    And a very good evenin’ to you too, Monsieur Barry. Ok, happy to accept that. I would be most intrigued to know WHY these particular tracks though? They seem somewhat arbitary choices to me. Perhaps they were on the nearest shelf……….?

  15. Magic Fingers says:

    Btw, Mr Vaultmeister, should you read this, I thought your good self was THE class act at the Royal Albert Hall earlier this year. Just thought I’d mention it.

  16. punknaynowned says:

    I think the ‘reason’ for the release is in the title.
    and *I* would think this were a rather nice offering from all the kids (!!??!!) for the fans on their dad’s birthday. I mean, how many fam’s would *DO* such a thing at all??? It IS all Zappa music even if some of the fans don’t hear it like that on the first coupla listens . . .
    happy new year everybody . . .
    Now if I were to get into the numerological significance of it, we get this on fz’s 66th, 13 years after his passing, which added together make 79, hmmmmmmmm (blahblahblah)

  17. Bob Again says:

    add 11 cuts,
    divide by 5 actual FZ cuts,
    add back 6 for the kids,
    less 20 points for kissing up to the real vaultmeister
    = …
    I think you are on to something here!

  18. urbangraffito says:

    I happened upon some track info at the Information Is Not Knowledge site and was quite surprise to discover who is performing both background vocal and drumming duties on Diva’s track “When The Ball Drops” is none other than Tipper Gore. Hmmmmm. Makes one wonder, doesn’t it?