Nerf Football

Can I tell you my favourite Frank Zappa story?

He was playing this theme park north of Toronto, Canada’s Wonderland. I forget who opened for him, no doubt another rectal thermometer…
They were abused.

So he comes out with his band to cheers, and they proceed to play Nerf football on stage for over half an hour. Everybody starts booing, people getting really upset, and all these people started to leave–about half the audience. Frank stops, looks around, goes up to the mic, and says, ‘Now that all the assholes have left, let’s rock and roll.’ And apparently he played the best show Toronto had ever seen him play.

A conversation with Tom Waits

3 thoughts on “Nerf Football”

  1. WTF is ‘NERF football’? I guess that it is American in origin and it probably doesn’t involve either the foot or a (round) ball!

  2. A ‘NERF’ is a sponge-like material – very American in origin…
    And the one that involves the foot and a round ball is NERF soccer…
    We even have NERF darts.

  3. recommendation #80…perhaps this is a solution for those unnamed countries throughout the world plagued by uninvited American guests – a little nerf football in the face of underwhelming power?

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