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  1. It’s sad to see Ike Willis looking so bad in some of that video footage. He additionally continues to spread some bad information. In that interview Ike once again talks about his belief that Warren Cuccurullo stole that VOX wah wah guitar from him. While Ike did play that guitar in Zappa’s band many of Frank’s musicians used Frank’s equipment but this doe not give them ownership.

    Ike your best friend Frank Zappa gave that VOX guitar to Warren Cuccurullo.

    Here are some interviews I foudn on the subject:
    Warren Cuccurullo of Missing Persons
    By Jas Obrecht
    Guitar Player, February 1985

    “Frank did all the solos on the records,” Warren states. “I played a lot of rhythm guitars and lines, like intricate keyboard parts. Live, I did a solo in ‘Cosmik Debris’ and played some of Frank’s solos note-for-note, like ‘Dirty Love.’ On some nights when we’d go off into jams, Frank and I played duet solos.” Cuccurullo put aside his ES-335 when Zappa presented him with a small-bodied guitar made from a Vox wah-wah pedal case with a groove cut for the Vox neck. To enhance its pair of white, low-output Vox pickups, guitar technician Eddie Clothier added on-board active electronics, overdrive and pan pots. “It’s tiny and neck-heavy,” Warren says, “but I love it. It has a great sound that’s similar to a Fuzz Face.” (The instrument appears in Missing Persons’ “Words” video).

    Another one from PRIVACY done in 1997
    by that Trendmonger guy, Ike and Jerry Cuccurullo.

    GT You were playing that VOX guitar that Warren now owns.
    IW That Warren stole from me.
    GT No no no no. That?s payment for Stucco Homes.
    IW Oh really. So Frank?
    JC I know the story. The Wah Wah pedal. Warren did some vocal tracks. Backup vocals on Joe?s Garage and Frank gave him some money for the vocal tracks and said ?(inaudible)Vox guitar
    IW Ahhh (this surprized response muffled Jay?s response where I can not accurately transcribe the entire story) So that was yours? Frank gave it to Warren ? no way. Uhh Uhh. Yeah Frank bought it in a hock shop for me in Munich and I used it when we were rehearsing at The Zircus Crone.
    GT Yeah you played it in the Zircus Crone video.
    IW The next thing I knew Warren had it. That was the birthplace of Why Does It Heart When I Pee?

  2. It’s always interesting to see Zappa alums playing together, and they put on some good shows.
    I get a little bit bugged, though, when some of these old guys get together to “celebrate” Frank. Frank said that they hated playing his music. That’s their prerogative, but then decades later they make a few bucks including his music in their setlist.

    Maybe I am just being an asshole.
    It wouldn’t be the first time.

  3. I would tell Barry : why don’t you write an e book on FZ, putting together all possible info, gathered on this blog?

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