MOFO Trance-Fusion Confusion

I noticed Maroual has updated the Trance-Fusion page over at Zappa Wiki Jawaka to include cover art and a track list. Kewl! The wiki has grown immensely in the past couple of months by the way, courtesy of some very dedicated contributors — be sure to check it out.
Meanwhile the ZFT has had a good look at the calendar:

Remember when we said the 2 disc MOFO would be in stores before Halloween? That was a mistake… we meant Trance-Fusion. Trance-Fusion will be in stores before Halloween and the little MOFO will be in stores about 2 weeks later.

2 Responses to “MOFO Trance-Fusion Confusion”

  1. ZarFT says:

    give us some credit…we at least can admit when we make a mistake…did we say, “Roxy”?

  2. Paul Sempschi says:

    apology accepted once you give us a track listing!