Steve Reich’s 70th birthday will be marked by festivals and features in several countries under the rubric “Steve Reich @ 70″ – concerts from New York to Budapest this year. Congratulations!
(I’m sure you already know 18 Musicians, one of his major works. Check them all out!)

5 Responses to “Reich@70”

  1. Frunobulax says:

    I know that Nonesuch is planning a box set for his birthday as well. I already have their versions of 18 Musicians and You Are, and can’t wait for this latest set!

  2. Jim McKinley says:

    Damn, I just bought his “Works” 10 disc box set used off amazon for $120 last week and 2 of the 10 discs are dupes of stuff I already had (Desert Music & Different Trains), I knew what I was getting, and still not a terrible deal, 8 discs of new (to me) music for $120 ($15/CD sorta “normal” price), but if I’d known they had a new box set coming out I probably woulda waited to see what that had in it…oh well, easy come easy go.

  3. Frunobulax says:

    Amazon Link.
    Five discs.

  4. Jim McKinley says:

    OK, it’s not so bad for me then, I thought the new Reich release was going to be a “complete works of” thing. I’m missing all but “Electric Counterpoint” off disc 3 of the new box set in the 10 disc “Works” I have (unless things are labelled differently), but it has everything from the other 4. Maybe I can get those 4 pieces elsewhere, thanks for the link.

  5. Frunobulax says:

    No problem. I’m relatively new to Reich collecting. So far all I’ve bought:
    -Early Works
    -Drumming (2 CD set version)
    -Music For 18 Musicians (Nonesuch edition)
    -You Are (Variations)
    Works is beyond my small budget right now, and that sucks. If I had $150 I’d buy that set in a flash.