Thunes Talks

The Idiot Bastard got to interview Scott Thunes recently:

IB: What can you tell me about the session with Lisa Popeil?
ST: You mean the original meeting? Or the week she was a full-fledged member of the ensemble before Frank had to fire her because it was painfully obvious that she was unable to deal with the real-music elements (ie. non-classical) of a rock-band’s particulars? Or the time we were in the bathroom together, making out? I don’t recall much about that particular time, so I was glad she mentioned it in song. I fondly recall her soft smooth skin, and her bounteous breasts and her obvious sexual passion, but I’m a gentleman and she’s a lady and we don’t talk about such things.

Hasn’t changed a bit, that Scott. :)

8 thoughts on “Thunes Talks”

  1. Cool!
    Thanx for that!
    (I MUST visit the IB more often…
    I MUST visit the IB more often…
    I MUST visit the IB more often…
    I MUST visit the IB more often…)

  2. What a great interview — can anyone fill me in on the Bruce Fowler cock-in-the-face incident or the origin of conflict between Terry Bozzio and Thunes? Scott Thunes has an interesting way of speaking, and this was fun to read.

  3. great update on a great musician!

    i love this guy’s attitude. he’s so fucking honest about his feelings re: the music biz. he’s not worried about losing a gig or his rep or whatever – and he’s a fantastic bassist. thank the gods that the ’88 band was documented before it imploded.

    yeah, what’s the past deal btwn him & bozzio?

  4. Yea, Thunes is a great guy.

    Several years ago my son died. Not long after, I was reading Scott’s webpage and I found out
    that his brother had died, too. I emailed him
    and he answered.
    He was very warm and gracious and, in a small way, helpfull during my intense grief.

    Just a few kind words in an email can make a huge difference. Thanks again, Scott-o.

  5. Hey Birdman – You can read about Scott with
    cock-in-Fowler’s face in the book In Cold
    Sweat – there’s an extremely long interview
    with Thunes, which I believe is a must-
    read… Cool Book

  6. I rather enjoyed that. I haven’t heard much by the ’88 band (though I really do want to), but Thunes has always been a guy that’s stood out for obvious reasons. Seems very outspoken.

  7. Thanks for the tip, Ken. I never imagined there was a big enough market for that type of book to make it profitable– a 300 page collection of four interviews with socially dysfunctional bass players. My type of people. I ordered it immediately. According to the reviews I read on Amazon, about half of the book is devoted to the Scott Thunes interview.

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