18 thoughts on “Air Guitar Vai”

  1. This video has been removed at the request of copyright owner vai.com because its content was used without permission

  2. Incredible…
    Is it my impression, or there’s someone here with a sense of humor the size of a pea? and an ego the size of the Anctartica?

    “…shall we take ourselves seriously..?”

  3. Sometimes I tend to think this Travers guy is a fine person. I wish I knew Barry in person, or at least I should know his email-address, or I wish I could make a comment on his blog! I would certainly ask him whether he’d be interested in finding a contact with Mr. Travers and ask him about the new releases – and about news in general. Oh yes, that’s what I would do!

  4. Hehe… sorry, the problem is in my applience.. :-) I was just thinking of the mail you got a few days (weeks?) ago and maybe he could answer a few – yet unanswered – questions. About the possible ZPZ release, about Trance Fusion – I don’t know. In the previous post I’d put it in a bit strange way :-).

  5. Balint, just to clarify: i wasn’t talking about Travers in my comment, but about the person who claimed *copyrights* on this, pardon my french, dumb video…

    If i fart, and it’s caught on tape, may i claim copyright? will every time somebody farts pay me royalties or ask my permission for reproduction?

  6. Having a wonderful collection (mostly audio, not video) of various farting events of yours Dr Sharl, I think we are entitled to copyright. Say I upload one of these farting instances on KUR, there is no copyright infringement as we are after all, copyright holders.

    IF, however, one of these were to be uploaded on YouTube — well then we get to claim our copyright and have the audio/video pulled off. So Steve Vai made the sensible decision of pulling his copyrighted fart off of YouTube because — yes yes — he and he alone is the copyright holder!

    He’s such a smart guy, that Steve. We can all learn a couple of lessons from him, I think you’ll agree.

  7. Heh-heh…
    But I have her singing ‘Mercedez Benz’.
    I’m presently in negotiations with the JFT (Joplin Family Trust) to have it released as a super secret bonus track on the soon-to-be-released “SOFA’s Drunkage” series.
    I’ll keep ya posted!

  8. Would the JFT also be interested in some recordings of my farts? I can have my people call their people eventually…

  9. I think a release, “SOFA’s Fartage” would be an admirable follow-up; but, one release at a time. We need to walk before we get the runs…
    Plus, don’t you have to bake those farts to preserve them properly? I’ve heard it’s very time consuming.

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