Hungry Freaks, Daddy!

Time for some tasty surrealism. Watch all three parts of Jan Svankmajer’s stop-motion film Food on YouTube:

(Via WFMU where QT-versions of the clips are available)

3 Responses to “Hungry Freaks, Daddy!”

  1. bernard says:

    Reality is always much stronger than surrealism.

    Just have a look at the first ever ” bear heat spa” ( in Czech republic):

  2. jocko homo says:

    Really amazing short movie! It is 1984 meets Eraserhead meets Mr. Bickford! I loved it!

    The Youtube clips have been removed due to copyright infringement, so get the .mpeg clips asap if you want to see them (save target as…).

  3. evaristo says:

    There was a big Jan Svankmajer retrospective in prague when i visited two years ago. Went to see it with my best friend. She still has to forgive me.

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