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Irreconcilable Differences

Maybe it’s one reason for his absence on the ZPZ tour: Ahmet Zappa and Selma Blair are getting divorced.

We’re Back :)

It’s fun, you know, updating website software. I spent the entire afternoon upgrading the forums in order to prevent mass sign-ups from (mostly) moronic Russians trying to make a buck ruble by mass-posting links to pictures of Asian men with huge penises photoshopped male genitals. Head on over to the upgraded forums if you please, and let me know if anything looks/acts weird…

Karma Chameleon

Music video’s from the 80s! Over! 1,400! Of! Them!
Someone pass the Alka-Seltzer.

A Hundred Highways

Johny Cash‘s last album, “American V: A Hundred Highways” is set for release next July 4th. On it, the very last song he wrote entitled “Like the 309″ which can be heard here in streaming audio.

Caution: Fusion!

… from way back in ’76, featuring George Duke, Billy Cobham, John Scofield and Alphonso Johnson.

(YouTube link)

Mac vs PC

They’ve been around for a while, but I can’t stop laughing at these “get a Mac” ads. Brilliant as they may be though, I tend to feel more sympathy for “the PC guy” than “the Mac guy”. The portrayal is such that it has actually irritated some PC users to the point where they’re now holding off a Mac purchase.

Pick vs Fingers?

A great debate in which I myself would opt for fingers.
Also: earwax and smegma. Good morning!

All About Greg

“So what’s Greg Russo been up to?”, I hear you ask. Well actually you didn’t did you, but I had to kickstart this entry some way or other.

The latest edition of Greg Russo‘s book “Cosmik Debris” will be available at the end of June from Crossfire Publications. Included this time will be session information for “Joe’s Garage” and “You Are What You Is,” along with up-to-date information on all the releases and happenings since the last edition three years ago.

Greg has also recorded a CD with Napoleon Murphy Brock, Candy Zappa, Nolan Porter, guitarist Andre Cholmondeley (of Project/Object), drummer Glenn Leonard (formerly of Project/Object), The Tornadoes, violinist Joe Deninzon (of Stratospheerius) and trumpeter Dave Ballou. It is called “Neonfire,” and it features Napi’s excellent vocals (3 tracks), Candy Zappa and Nolan Porter (5 tracks) and The Tornadoes on “Bottom Feeder.”

And, no, Greg is in no way affiliated with Rene. Praise the Lord.

Amsterdam ’68

It’s Friday? Again?
Awrightee then: Concertgebouw Amsterdam, October 20 ’68.
And since Belgium isn’t playing the World Cup this year, I’ll be rooting for Argentina this afternoon… Vamo Argentina! Vamo!


Pretty damn cool: the “greatest” 500 albums available for download — at around $1 a piece. Didn’t have time to check if any Zappa is available but #58′s an odd pick though, all things considered…

A Zappa-centric blog in The New York Times

On the Zappa-centric blog Kill Ugly Radio, one fan wrote of the May 19 show in Stockholm: “This was my first chance to experience the music of FZ live in concert. And what a concert. Sitting there on the fourth row from the stage, I found myself with BIG smile on my face, laughing out loud at times.”

Wow! :-) – And some more: a review on the NY show.
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Rock Out!

So how do kids today feel about Zappa Plays Zappa? Well…

Dad and I went to the Zappa Plays Zappa concert and holy hell was it scary. 3500 people my father’s age screaming the dumbest crap ever. They stood up and clapped at the most random times. Oh, and the air bands. The air bands. Fifty-year-old men playing air guitar.

Dweez, Dude: Impeccable Timing

Dweezil has a new album out entitled Go With What You Know (click some squares on the picture to hear excerpts). How’s that for timing?

ZPZ: Eleven Shows To Go

Hot on the heels of the ZPZ tour, here’s some pictures from the Paris Zenith gig (June 5). No news from Athens (June 7) or Reykjavik (June 9) though… Hello? Did these shows actually take place? Next: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US! I’ll be most interested to read reviews from our American friends. The place to comment being of course right over here.

Pat Metheny Group

Some comments on ZPZ on this Pat Metheny page.

Man I’m so pleased for Dweezil. He’s got such a hard act to follow, (his Dad.. probably the most important person in contemporary music. Don’t slate me ’cause I don’t think it’s Pat!) I found it killer, can’t wait to hear more of Dweezil’s own stuff.