A Zappa-centric blog in The New York Times

On the Zappa-centric blog Kill Ugly Radio, one fan wrote of the May 19 show in Stockholm: “This was my first chance to experience the music of FZ live in concert. And what a concert. Sitting there on the fourth row from the stage, I found myself with BIG smile on my face, laughing out loud at times.”

Wow! :-) – And some more: a review on the NY show.
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20 thoughts on “A Zappa-centric blog in The New York Times”

  1. right on barry! wonder if jesse fox mayshark had a squat on the cosmic utensil? KUR is well deserved to have been mentioned.

  2. incessant naysayer here…

    …well, yes, it’s great to be recognized. Well deserved congratulations.

    The NYT lost an awful lot of credibility, though, in its role as bugler for the call to war.

  3. In my incessant narcisism, I wish to enquire: has this NYT article also appeared in the NYT’s printed version? If so, I’d very much like a copy.

    It was in the Sunday paper. I’d be happy to mail you a copy, just end me your name and address. My email is just my last name @nytimes.com. I like your site — it was helpful while I was working on the story. (I won’t be able to send it for a week or so, as I’m out of the office until then.)

  4. Congrats Barry!
    Um, i got my picture in the local paper when i was seven, but i don’t think it’s exactly the same thing. My mom still has the clip-out somewhere though.

  5. I’d be happy to mail you a copy, just end me your name and address.

    That would be great Jesse! I’ll send you my coordinates. I’m really not a narcisist — it’s erh — really for erh archival purposes and things. Heheh. Heh.

  6. Anyone remember the New York Times
    article in the early 70’s – “Zapparap on
    the Zappaplan” ? It was quite good –
    And I’m dating myself !

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