San Carlos CA, ’74

For the next two weeks, we have for you another concert from the Roxy-era: Circle Star Theatre, San Carlos, July 20 ’74. Enjoy!

5 Responses to “San Carlos CA, ’74”

  1. Kookie says:

    Cool Barry love the Roxy era………..can we expect the 19th and 21st from this veune as well by chance???…or is that asking for waaaaaaaaaaaaayy to much…nice to hear the world prem of Stinkfoot…..

    As always fabulous site

    Best Wishes

  2. jonnybutter says:

    What an great version of Inca Roads. I know this is hardly an innovative thing to say, but, god DAMN this band was good. Thanks as always..

  3. Balint says:

    Noooo.. this is ain’t the Roxy era!! :-) The “Roxy era” is winter ’73 – with 2 drummers (ahhh!!), and the warm sound of Bruce Fowler. I rellay love the atmosphere, the intimacy of it here and there. This lineup is more “cold” (?…) dry (????…), and smaller, a tiny chamber-orchestra. Oh, I cannot explain it in english. Roxy is like a soft pillow, or a big “grandpa’s armchair”, the ’74 band (the “Helsinki Band”! :-) ) is like a fine, small wooden stool, made with perfect craftmanship.


  4. xorg says:

    Keep taking the tablets, Balint!

  5. Balint says:

    After taking the tablets I’ve found: “Ruth came about 20 times during this song!” (FZ, Dinah Moe Hummm). hehe

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