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This Sunday: Zappathon ’06

Hey kids, just a reminder: WUSB’s Zappathon ’06 airs tomorrow, starting at noon and going til midnight (EST). Co-hosted by John Tabacco and Nigey Lennon it’ll be nothing short of a Zapfest featuring interviews and rare recordings. On top of that our friend SOFA is scheduled to appear on the show (as he did last year). Oh, and you might just hear Dr Sharl and I say a couple of words…

Tune in!
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Broadband stream: mp3wmareal

ZPZ At The Jammy’s

Last night was Zappa Plays Zappa’s official opening at the Jammy’s. Judging from this review authored by one Trendmonger at the forums, we are in for a treat. A Big Treat:

Chick Corea came out for the Fender Rhodes and Moog solos in Inca Roads and it was plain to see that this band is a tour de force as one listened to Inca Roads & Florentine Pogen with a sound believe it or not that was Thicker and had More Balls than any live Zappa performance I have ever seen and heard. When the band left the stage one could not stop and realize that this Zappa Plays Zappa band had all the right ingredients.

37 Cello’s

Very cool: video of musician Ethan Winer playing a song composed entirely of 37 cello parts. He even plays the percussion parts on his cello. It was recorded on 23 tracks using 37 plug-in effects.

(Here’s the youTube link in case the above doesn’t show)

Zürich ’79 (2)

This morning I said to myself, “Self”, I said, “you posted part one of Zürich ’79, wouldn’t it be a swell idea to post part two?”
“Self,” I responded, “excellent thinking“.
Whereupon Self and I had some more coffee, enjoying the warm coziness of Dr Spitzenbaum’s leather couch.

Pan flutes! Orchestra hits! James Brown Grunts!

Famous sounds“: sounds that have been created or used by somebody, liked and then copied by many others, and thus earned a “classic” status.

I’d like to open this section of Synth Mania utilizing as a starting point portions of an article appeared in the October 1995 issue of Keyboard magazine, titled “20 Sounds That Must Die”, in which the author David Battino analyzes many sounds that have, over the years, been used, re-used and abused again.

I Am The Eggman

I am me and Rummy’s he, Iraq is free and we are all together.
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Another Zappa Book

Yet another book on Zappa is hitting the shelves: The Words and Music of Frank Zappa by one Kelly Fisher Lowe. And just to make this post a bit more interesting: on the cover, the typeface used is the same one I applied to the very first layout of KUR. Fascinating stuff, eh?



( where braincells go to die.)

The Effect Of Pr0n

A scientific study into the effect of pr0n on male fertility, at last!
“Gentleman, would you like to know how to improve the potency of your semen? Do you need a good excuse to give your significant other when she catches you browsing porn sites? Do you want another excuse to sneer at those pompous business types who flaunt their fancy cell phones? Here’s the study for you.

Crackpot Cruise

Headline of the day: Mission Impossible star Cruise vows to eat placenta after birth.

“I’m gonna eat the placenta. I thought that would be good. Very nutritious. I’m gonna eat the cord and the placenta right there.”

Hungry Freaks, Daddy…

Everybody I Shot Is Dead

That was the subject of an email I received just now. Thinking I was about to engage in a conversation with a serial killer, I started reading:

I am writing to you because you are affiliated with and/or a fan of at least one of the brilliant musicians that will be featured in my upcoming book, Everybody I Shot Is Dead. My name is Deborah Chesher and I was a rock’n’roll photographer in the mid-seventies, back when the music business was still about the music. My high-quality photography book will feature pictures I took of the many musicians who have since passed, as well as my personal stories.

If you’re interested, she is chronicling the making of the book online.

Social Experiment

I wonder what would happen if Zappa fans all over the world went out and did something like this.

Hi Fritz!

Ha! I know one German who’s very happy to have searched Google for “frank+zappa+zurich+1979+bootleg” some ten minutes ago! :)

Zappa Scrapbook

This guy is putting up a bunch of newspaper clippings, articles and pictures related to Frank Zappa. Nice reads, if you can ignore the background-music, the rotating smilies, and the fact that most of the articles are in dutch…

Zürich ’79

Hope you have a really Good Friday with Part One of this little nugget: Zürich, Switzerland, 1 april 1979.