Rare Beef

For Cpt Beefheart fans: 2 rare releases are for sale at ReR Megacorp: Grow Fins (5 CD’s of unreleased material, tracing the Magic Bands from the beginning) and Dust Sucker (being the unreleased Bat Chain Puller LP).

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  1. Paul Sempshi says:

    Grow Fins is an excellent compilation. Very expensive, it’s been out for a while. Avoid “Dust Sucker”, it is a scam and not the actual BatChain cd. Check out beefheart.com about the Ozit group and about the boots like Dust Sucker who suffers certain fidelity issues.

  2. Jordon Bowlsley says:

    new Beef doc as well: LINK.

  3. Bob Again says:

    As he said…

    Grow Fins has been available as five cd set for some time. It has some interseting bits (including some video) but is definately a fetishist collector set only – very expensive. I haven’t even thought about it for about as long as it’s been since my first listen to it. Interesting booklet also included.

    Dust Sucker is a ripp-off…

  4. Birdman! says:

    Off topic — my girl friend said she saw 200 Motels on TV at around 4:00 4-27, on a network called “Flix” or maybe “Flicks”

    Anyone know anything about this?
    I couldn’t believe she actually watched it and thought Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan were funny — I’ve always thought that 200 Motels and Uncle Meat were more of an endurance test than entertainment, but I haven’t seen it in about 15 years.

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