What a nice homepage! (With downloadable music.)

3 Responses to “www.antonwebern.com”

  1. rubeck says:

    Thanks for the link, guys.

  2. Douche says:

    The new Project Object tour is something to look foward to. I was blown away by them when they played in Philadelphia last night. Look out for them, Zappa fans.

  3. bernard says:

    Webern ( dodecaphonics:, twelve tones, all equal) is a Great Musician.
    Just listen to his music. Give it a try.
    I wouldn’t know how to start, for instance : Streichquartett op. 28( 1936 – 38), performed by the Arditti Quartet.
    You’ll notice for instance that while putting all his music together, you’ll end up with ( only ) 3 1/2 hours of Music. He was an extreme master in deleting.
    He died stupidly during the liberation of Vianna in 1945.