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Care for a game of Catholic-opoly? Or maybe Mormon-opoly‘s more your thing. Hey, they’re having an Easter Sale!
I wonder what real-estate you can buy. Mount Sinai? The Vatican?

Weirdo Cards

If you’re wondering what Dr Sharl and I have been up to lately, wonder no more — introducing: weirdocards dot com! Sure, it’s an eCards service, but one with a twist. Our cards tackle such elusive topics as androgynous gnomes, Outcast Smurfs, Cheese, Slime, Liberated Girls, noses and much more.

Feel free to give the site a whirl, click around, send some cards and let us know what you think. Oh, and did I mention there’s some Zappa there too? :)

The PMRC Letters In Print

With a hat tip to our pal of British persuasion Magic Fingers, KUR obtained scans of the original PMRC documents as they were sent out by Frank Zappa during (and following) the PMRC hearings back in ’85.

pmrc envelope

Most of the documents were sent out as a package or kit to give guidance and background information to anyone who wanted to support FZ’s anti-PMRC position on a local level (phone your representative, help get this stopped). The text of FZ’s statement to Congress and the “It’s Not Over Yet, Folks” were then sent out at a later date obviously after the hearings.

While some of the letters were already available in text form at the wiki, these are the originals — warts, mid 80s typewriter fonts ‘n all.

Full Circle

Oh the irony: Warner Music is set to buy “indie” label RykoDisc.


Hey, it’s Friday! So why not depress you with an article about the coming Apocalypse! No need to thank me.

NYC, October 31 ’75

This week’s Friday Boot: Felt Forum NYC, 31 october 1975, featuring pretty much the line-up to be heard on FZ:OZ. Enjoy!

Sterbus Whips It Out

Sterbus — KUR forum member, Hot Poop commentator and Certified Italian, enquires:

Hi bARRY, sorry if I’m disturbing you… but I would like to have zappa fans listen and give a free opinion on my music!

Well hey… take it away, you wacky Lazio Roman you!

Early To Rise

How to become an early riser.

I don’t think I’ll ever become one — after 30+ years of existence, 8 am is still godawful early in my book. Which is why my jaw drops when I read Cory Doctorow:

(…) by the time I get to work, I’ve already gotten my blogging done, worked on my novel, cleared out my inbox, done some physiotherapy exercises, Tai Chi and yoga, eaten a healthy breakfast and gone for a walk.


Paging John From Beyond

Idiot Morons Forever: a pay-per-view TV “seance” is set to contact the spirit of late Beatle John Lennon.

The programme, on US digital channel In Demand, will feature psychics travelling to sites of significance to the former Beatle, including the Dakota building in New York where he was shot dead in 1980. They will then assemble around a seance table, with infra-red cameras to capture any “presence” in the room.

Yoko Ono’s spokesman Elliot Mintz sums it up nicely: “A pay-per-view seance was never his style.”


Pin-ups for atheists. And who do we see featured there?

Dust Bunnies

Howard Kaylan has released a new album entitled “Dust Bunnies”:

Recorded in Billy Bob Thornton’s studio in Beverly Hills, and featuring the Oscar winner on guest vocals, “Dust Bunnies” is an album of little-known gems from the sixties and beyond.

Have Something To Say?

Let’s have some fun, shall we?

Send Me A Message

If enough people leave an audio message, I might just create a mashup in Garageband or something, and put it up for download.

Imaginary Releases Continued

In Relix, with the eternal question, again: “So what’s in the vault and when will you let it out?”

ZPZ: Coming To America

A message to our American friends: check this out

Scientology Strikes Again

More Tom “I may be a crackpot but I’m not gay” Cruise news: apparently Viacom pulled last night’s scheduled repeat of the high-rated “Trapped in the Closet” South Park episode after Cruise threatened to cancel all publicity for Mission Impossible 3 if Comedy Central aired the episode that satirizes Scientology and mocks his sexuality again.