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In a thread entitled “I, for one, care less for them”, a member of a certain Zappa List I subscribe to, said:

Mrs. P requests that I recite part of the Muffin Man intro periodically. I’ve promised to learn the entire intro, so this has served as a timely reminder. Does anyone else have Zappa recitations they regularly do?

Hilarity, as they say, ensued and this one in particular had me R, as they say, OTFL:

The Groupie Routine, with car name and accoutrement changed according to my location. Also, “Get the toilet paper, you know we’ll need it!” at various appropriate points.

How’s about you guys ‘n gals? Happily alienating the odd co-worker slash Better Half with Thing-Fish speak and other Zappaisms? As for me, I tend to take great satisfaction in reciting the “Do you like monster movies? I simply adore monster movies and the cheaper they are, the better they are – Cheepnis” monologue. Then again, I have a rather alarming Autism Quotient

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  1. xorg says:

    Favourites in the Xorg household are: ‘The way I see it, Barry…’; ‘Almost Chinese, Huh?’; ‘The crux of the biscuit’; and most of ‘Stinkfoot’ (my beloved has very smelly feet).

  2. Mario Fuente says:

    A few I use almost daily are: “the crux of the biscuit,” “in an arrogant gesture,” “Do you love it, do you hate it, there it is the way you made it,” and “Don’t you ever wash that thing?”

  3. Paul Sempschi says:

    second me for “the crux of the biscuit”, I also been saying: “dog gone it, dangnabbit, fallin in luve is a stupid habit…” during the middle of romantic movies that my girlfriend insists we watch.

  4. abe says:

    i usually prefer “galoot colognum!”
    “potato headed whatchamacallit”
    when people ask me “what’s been going on?”
    i reply “just trudging across the tundra, mile after mile.” and i do tend to call a lot of people “brown shoes”

  5. abe says:

    oh and for frunobulax and others:
    Thu, 06/22/06
    07:00 PM Zappa Plays Zappa
    House of Blues Anaheim
    Anaheim, CA More Info
    presale begins:
    Tue, 04/04/06 10:00 AM
    Fri, 06/23/06
    08:00 PM Zappa Plays Zappa
    The Wiltern LG
    Los Angeles, CA More Info
    currently not on sale

  6. FruMoogle says:

    Any time I encounter a poncho I have to make an inquiry as to its authenticity. Also, when people ask me what I did over the weekend I tell them that I was jammin’ in Joe’s garage.

  7. abe says:

    oops! i forgot about the daily, “you’ll love it, it’s a way of life”

  8. punknaynowned says:

    the crux of the biscuit was mentioned today;
    “all the way from belfast to bognor regis” is common; “all that we made here is american made, it’s a little bit cheesy, but it’s not nicely displayed” gets a special honor; ‘suzy? what’s got into ya’ is a frequent therapy tool; ‘you’re probably wondering why I’m here/not that it makes a heckuva lot o’ difference to ya’; I love bursting into ‘Primer Mi Carucha’ at INappropriate times at work; ‘cuz round things are boring’; ‘I’ve always lived in a drum’; ‘how can you dream without anything over yer head?’; ‘my fists speak english’ works well as a great crisis deflater; ‘all your children are . . . “; ‘A cow don’t make ham’; ‘be a loyal plastic robot for a world that doesn’t care’; ‘cuz a dungeon like a sin is nothin but fer lockin in of everything that’s ever been . . .”

  9. punknaynowned says:

    the white zone is for loading and unloading only . . . if you gotta load, or ya gotta load, go to the white zone . . .

  10. Danny says:

    This is probably totally irresponsible AS A PARENT. I was trying to turn my 16 year old daughter to Frank. She likes “Nuggets” style 60s garage music, so I immediately thought “Freak Out” would be a good start for her. I recited to her the liner notes to Hungry Freaks Daddy (‘drop out of school before your mind rots from the mediocre education system’….etc), and she loved it. Possibly as a result, she is now in an independent study program- and doing MUCH better because there is no “social” bullshit involved in the curriculum, like “pep rallies and plastic robots who tell you what to read”. I am proud. Thanks Frankie!

  11. Danny says:

    PS hey Abe–you in LA? I am going to ZPZ fer sure!!!!

  12. jeroen says:

    “Wowie Zowie” “you’ll love it, it’s a way of life” “And this is cheepnis here” “Jezus thinks you’re a jerk”

  13. Muffin says:

    ‘Let’s consider this phenomenon’ used to bug people.
    I’m given to a quick ‘I’m plucking the ol’ dennil floss..’ at work. I love it…it’s a way of life.

  14. abe says:

    danny yeah, in orange county rather but definetly hitting both anaheim and L.A. shows.

  15. Jeroen says:

    O well, you’ll go any place, you’ll do anything. Oh, you’ll give me your underpants. I hope these aren’t your’s buddy. They’re very nice ‘though.

  16. jim says:

    Aw Bobby, I’m sorry you gotta head like a potato, I really am … munchkins get me hot … sistahs step fo’ward an’ express yo’selves … we destroy de blues … could you just picture me in, like, a leather teddy … do you think that my pants are too tight, do you think that I’m creepy … all floating in a broth of tritium-enriched sewage!

    ( Metaspam – was the previous post a “Panty One-Liner”??? *squelch*)

  17. murray says:

    ‘i pulled on her hair, got her legs in the air, and asked if she had any coooooties in there!,whaddaya mean coooooties no coooooties on me’……gets used extensively during my drab daily dalliances

  18. Birdman! says:

    Two phrases I’ve used almost to the point of forgetting their origins: “Hot Poop!” and “Whip it out.”
    For recitation/silent mantra, my favorite lyrics are “Dumb All Over”. I’d always wondered about “spindle” in “fold, spindle, and mutilate.” I recently found out that the warning “Do Not Fold, Spindle, or Mutilate” was printed on punch cards that were used to input information into computers because the aforementioned behaviors would render the info on the card unreadable by the computer. Is this common knowledge among Zappologists? I was born to late to catch the reference.

  19. Birdman! says:

    Information from the Smithsonian Institution on “Do Not Fold, Spindle, or Mutilate”:

  20. regyptian of destiny says:

    “time is money, but space is a long long time! perhaps you are surprised to see i speak your language?” etc.

    “a peccary is a little pig with a white collar, that usually hangs around between texas and paraguay” etc.

  21. Bob Again says:

    “That’s alright honey. You can come out of the closet now”

  22. SOFA says:

    What a Pumpkin…

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