Odds ‘n Ends

With the weekend finally in sight (hallelujah!), may I suggest you spend some time perusing Chas Radio — a deluge of wacky, hard-to-find audio stuff up for download is awaiting you there. The guy had a post about FZ some time ago which unfortunately consisted mostly of official material (for shame!).

That said, I must apologize for the lack of posts this week. It’s just that work has been a bitch lately (“we need a bilingual site with a shopping cart with different pricing for individuals vs companies and we want the customer to be able to smell our products before he makes the purchase; can it be done by tomorrow?” — that kind of thing). Things should sorta-kinda get back to normal by the end of next week. In the meantime, you can always check that other place of mine where I post stuff that doesn’t fit in here. Like drawings. Pictures of my cat. That sort of thing.

Note to self: must do something about my excessive usage of the word “thing”.

One Response to “Odds ‘n Ends”

  1. Frunobulax says:

    Chaos Radio is pretty interesting. I have the BRAZIL soundtrack on CD, so it was nice to see that up on the blog. All in all a good site with lots of good selections.

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