Pygmy Gorillas plays Zappa

Tämä sivusto on tietopankki Frank Zappa tribuuttibändi Pygmy Gorillasista. Nämä sivut ovat vielä pahasti keskeneräiset, joten odotelkaa rauhassa kehitystä. Hey.

7 Responses to “Pygmy Gorillas plays Zappa”

  1. Dr Sharleena says:

    Tsörry Bälintt, köuldnt’t liisten very wel. Tsäy whätt?

  2. Balint says:

    Diid yoü clickista “mp3” here?

  3. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    The Rüssiäns are cöming!

  4. bernard says:

    Bij mijn beste vriendinnen zijn er twee die één dochter hebben.

    1. De één, äferdita, haar dochter ( 19 ) studeert nu in Zweden ( geen probleem, vooral Westfluten begrijpen dat – voor zover het gesproken wordt, gess = gras= grass, bijvoorbeeld).
    2. De andere, Pam, haar dochter ( 16) wil later verderdoen in Finland, bij de suomi’s dus. Who the hell is able to learn that cruddy language? Not even the Magyars ( Hungary) even although they actually belonged to the same tribe, invading W Europe , coming from a place beyond the Urals. I was told that hungarian and finnish ( thus : originally the same language way back in the old days) are left with only .. 12 words in common after these 1000 years.

    Barry, just discover the Suomi world. Musically, yes, very rich. The rest : glorious, fantastic.

  5. bernard says:

    Balint , boy: nothing to say about your Magyar links with the Suomi’s? Both still are very musical..

    Give it a try :
    Etc., etc.

    Yes indeed they even invented the Tango, that’s right.

    Why the hell did that tribe ( now : the Hungarians and the Finnish) splittted up, 1000 years ago? Imagine : both would have stayed together?

  6. Aya Slutskaya says:

    What did you call me?

  7. Jari Karjalainen says:

    The new Pygmy Gorillas website, PygmyWeb, has been launched today.

    Go check it out at

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