Duke of Trombones

Who’d-a-thunk: back in the day, George Duke attended the San Francisco Conservatory of Music – on a trombone scholarship:

“They had too many classical piano players. I didn’t have their chops. I couldn’t keep up with them,” Duke said of the applicants the year he applied. “But they also had a brass scholarship for trombone and they didn’t have any trombone players. So I knew I could get that one!”

4 Responses to “Duke of Trombones”

  1. bernard says:


    Barry just discovered US scholarships & music academia….. A world to explore.

    Jazz soprano sax player ( shortly before he died) was nominated as prof in .. Texas.

    Weird guitar comoser / player Fred Frith is still prof in Oakland.

    For instance …..

  2. Balint says:

    I will ask him about it.

  3. Henrietta McPhee says:

    Isn’t he tromboning on Chunga’s Revenge, if memory serves?

  4. Frunobulax says:

    Yep–and on 200 MOTELS as well. The 200 MOTELS Outtakes feature some extra trombone goodies, like the extra bridge to WWTEBMTM. And as a trombone player, I look up to him and (especially) Mr. Bruce Fowler.

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