KUR: Your Top 100 Belgian Weblog

Hey whaddayaknow: according to Alexa, KUR caps the 74th spot in the Top 100 of Belgian weblogs! You know what that means, right? It means there’s about a 100 weblogs in this country. :)
Looking at Alexa’s info page for KUR though, this was a rather surprising statistic:

Where do people go on killuglyradio.com?
wiki.killuglyradio.com – 68%
killuglyradio.com – 29%


2 thoughts on “KUR: Your Top 100 Belgian Weblog”

  1. Congratulations for that, Barry ( … in times of ” FZ, old crap”, times of temporary complete amnesia, oblivion about FZ).

    Never forget 3 points:

    1. FZ was a self declared ” present day composer currently active in the pop business”. He had to earn a living for his family. Had a family to feed.

    2. Proust ( litterature) is ” circular”. FZ was nor circular. Have a look at his own comments on his compositions., for instance the guitar solos. Geometric forms. You imagine a .. triangle, a pentagon, etc. . Then you start playing the guitar.

    3. 15 years old ( young enough to allow yourself to be truly influenced) he discovered Varese.

    A french composer with a vision. ( about electronic music). E. Varèse. His times lacked the technologic means for his musical dreams. ” Lang, maar met te korte beentjes”.


    FZ influence in music is difficult to measure ( cfr. Varese). There was no instant influence, no ” followers” with the exception of cover bands.
    In the long term : very different. The collage technics, the Italian style ( for instance playing scores staccato instead of legato), etc. , etc., will re – appear.

    Those things will be – amongst many others- real tributes : the ultimate proof of lnot just a footnote, but a genuine foorprint in musical history.

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