London ’78

Another Friday, another Boot (with thanks to Gilles as always). This week’s offering: the London Hammersmith Odeon, Feb 28 ’78. Enjoy!

2 Responses to “London ’78”

  1. xorg says:

    Thanks for this. Despite the decidedly ‘boot’ quality of the recording, King Kong is rather good! Likewise Pound for a Brown. Do you think the ZFT have a legitimate recording lurking somewhere in the basement? If they do, then they might consider including it on YCDTOSA vol 7, along with some of that other stuff they’re sitting on. And selling it through record shops…

  2. Birdman! says:

    Torture, Pound, King Kong, Wild Love, AND Yo Mama! Great.

    Wild Love seems to cut off at the end of the Belew solo, the Yo Mama (7:20, 13.4 MB) sounds like it is from a different source. Is this the case?

    Anyway, like xorg says, this would be a great Vaulternative follow up to OZ

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