Jazzappa dot com is a cool, um, Zappa site which I hadn’t come across before. Loads of stuff to peruse, from pictures, midi’s, lyrics, guitar tabs, interviews to mp3’s and more. Plus, as the webmaster states, the site even has a menu:

On the left is a menu. One that works, even. Ho ho ho, and there I go again. It’s so great to be here. Are you really reading this?

Go have a look!

5 Responses to “Jazzappa”

  1. Duncan says:

    It is a collection of stuff from other sites. The albums page is missing. The treats section is strictly PC. The biography is lifted from Wikipedia… speaking of which did you see Isaac’s comment in the discussion side of the FZ page…

    The Kill Ugly Radio fansite is not an important website, and thus it does not need to be listed. All of the information on the site can be found elsewhere. (Ibaranoff24 03:07, 29 November 2005 (UTC))

    …someone added to the discussion section of his User page…

    Help people instead of insulting them, huh? If you could, please revisit your December 10 [1] comments and see who started the personal attacks. Also, please read the comments I have left in the Infobox talk page. I am not and don’t pretend to be high and mighty, as you so sarcastically put it. However, if you insist on resorting to purile and personal jibes, I seriously hope you don’t expect me to sit around and take that kind of nonsense from you.

    …so nothing has changed there then.

  2. Bob Again says:

    well, I could not find the “User” page, but did find a link to KUR…perhaps this site is a living organism…perhaps nothing more than a leech…disappointed that my quick review didn’t yield any spots to jump in with a personal attack…guess I’ll just have to hang out here (he says, as he washes down full prozac with starbucks coffee)

  3. Balint says:

    Well… telling the truth, I don’t really understand the discussion here… What is the problem?…

  4. Bob Again says:

    …it was actually coffee from mcdonalds in a styrofoam cup.

  5. Das Jesus Roach says:

    If wiki.Killuglyradio.com didn’t exist, this page would be a good replacement for St. Alphonso’s Pancake Homepage. Nice that it has tabs, though. And the images are cool.

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