…or at least a bit heavier:

Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia that allows anyone to contribute articles, is tightening its rules for submitting entries following the disclosure that it ran a piece falsely implicating a man in the Kennedy assassinations. Wikipedia will now require users to register before they can create articles, Jimmy Wales, founder of the St. Petersburg, Florida-based website, said Monday.

I just loved the way it worked – almost without (outer) control. Is it the end of the freedom of Wikipedia?

Todo Bien

Buenos dias! I’m typing this from a hideously configurated PC somewhere in hot-n-humid Buenos Aires, having had some 4 hours of sleep since Wednesday, so I’ll keep it brief — forgive me for añy typos that may occur. As promised here’s a new Friday Boot for your downloading pleasure: Felt Forum NYC, 10/31/74 – late show. Off to locate the airco switch…

Hasta La Vista!

Ladies, gents, dear faithful KUR readers: by tomorrow Dr Sharleena and I will be off to the wonderful summer heat of Argentina for about a month. Obviously neither of us will have much time to update this weblog during that period. Which is why I have left the keys to the office in the hands of our much appreciated Hungarian friend Balint, who — I’m sure — shall do an excellent job at bringing you your semi-daily perverted diversion. On my end, I’ve made sure the Friday Boots continues on as usual. Our man in France, Gilles (salut Patron!), has prepared for you a multiple downloading fest which I’m sure you will appreciate very much. What’s left to say.. Have a good christmas, a splendid new year, and we will see eachother again come early January. Hugs! We’ll miss all of you.

Arf, She Said

This is The End:

I love Junichiro Tanizaki’s The Makioka Sisters but, even allowing for cultural differences, it has to have the most peculiar final sentence in all literature: “Yukiko’s diarrhoea persisted through the twenty-sixth, and was a problem on the train to Tokyo.” That is not the way one wants to finish a book before giving a happy sigh and putting the light out.