The Busy Gail Zappa

Another fortunate working experience occurred the other night when I drove Gail Zappa to the airport.

On the next ride a question would be fine about the release of Trance Fusion, perhaps…

8 Responses to “The Busy Gail Zappa”

  1. vrnzr says:

    “… busy releasing the vaulted live recordings of Frank Zappa for the past several years” ???

    Not quite …

  2. Bob Again says:

    …reminds me of the assholes I work with, always telling how busy they are while scratching with both hands (that’s why speakerphones were originally devised) and hoping someone might actually bite on it. Let’s all whine together now, “I’m so-o-o-o bu-u-sy…” …especially now the holidays are upon us…

    …oops, gotta go! Where’s my ride to the airport?

  3. Bob Again says:

    …next question. When ROXY?

    …too busy to answer? Sorry to disturb you…

  4. Keith says:

    hey…I know gail hasn’t eaxctly released a lot of things we want (roxy? yeah…I’m anxious for that too, believe me) but we don’t need to be so harsh towards her…after all, frank surely wouldn’t like that…I’m just trying to say…calm down man…

  5. Bob Again says:

    …you talkin’ to me, man? Blow it out your ass, man…

    …I know, I know. She’s busy. Have a nice day…

  6. Keith says:

    okay then, be stressed, your choice, I just wanted to help, ’cause being pissed with all this won’t get you any releases earlier…but do as you wish, a nice day to you too

  7. Bob Again says:

    Thanks so much for your kind and soothing words…

    …I believe your paycheck is signed by the ZFT, so pass my greetings on to Gail when you see her as well.

    I’ll take the whole Prozac today and see how that works out. So far, I’m remaining calm-mm-mm and chillin’…zzz>>>

  8. Yakub Hazzzard says:

    I must respectfully ask that you cease and de-cyst.

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