Stuttgart ’88 (2)

Then comes The Big One. First of all, I must say that I’ve found listening to every version of “Stairway To Heaven” to be the most tedious part of this whole reviewing task. There’s simply nothing very interesting about most renditions of this too-long, too-familiar number. However, we finally get the payoff tonight. The Summit/Star Wars theme returns with a vengeance, with FZ shouting out invective about Star Wars between and even during the verses of this song. It ends with Ike and Robert singing “And she’s buying a stairway to Star Wars,” at which point FZ shouts “Won’t work!” repeatedly, and then FZ kicks in his loops during the coda and “Star Wars Won’t Work” is born. “Whipping Post” closes the show, with Robert getting in the inevitable Glasnost reference at the end, and the night is through.

Pat Buzby reviews Stuttgart, May 24, ’88.

One Response to “Stuttgart ’88 (2)”

  1. FrankB says:

    Hi there,
    as you can here “Star wars wont work” sounds
    better in the original concert version. It’s the
    same with the original “Murder by numbers” in chicago’88. I’ve been in Stuttgart’88 and it was
    always strange, when i heard the ‘Make a Jazz Noise’ Version of ”Star wars wont work”, because i had another recollection.
    i never will understand why Frank didn’t liked the original versions. (Mayby”we must be really economical with the tape..” from the dub room special) he cutted them down to the “economical length”.

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