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In France

I mean: in Paris. What the hell is going on????
(See some pictures here)


Fart in my comments:

So today’s challenge, O loyal few, is to write down a word, in my comments that will make your work mates scream out: You smelly bastard! Oh Jesus… you dirty little fu… so on and so forth.

And to think I have this guy’s website sitting in my webdev bookmarks folder.


Finally, a healthy alternative for our cannibalistic fellow man: Hufu — The Healthy Human Flesh Alternative. “I can’t believe it’s not people!”


De-de-Deeeee, De-de-de-de-deee-De. Is it really Bach’s?

More Des Moines 84

Part Two.

Be The Next Clarke

Have an idea for a science-fiction novel? This free online book might be of help — from story-development to creating plots, characters, aliens and worlds. (via bb)

What Barry Needs

Barry needs backup.
Barry needs a drink.
Barry needs an enema.
Barry needs to wear a suit.
Barry needs to slow down!

At least that’s what Google thinks. You too can waste oodles of time by just typing “{your name} needs” in the Google searchbox — oh the fun! (via presurfer)


If you’re going to play chess against Zappa, chances are you will lose.

Bad Mags

Loads of bad and/or bizarre magazines (some NSFW). Reminds me of that Woody Allen movie where he goes in to a magazine-shop, grabs copies of all sorts of intellectual publications and ends up sticking a porn-mag in the middle of the stack. When he puts them on the counter, the shop-owner yells across the store: “Joe! How much for a copy of Orgasm?” See, now that’s the kind of stuff I find funny.

Nut Brush

You too can be a proud nut brush owner! Hey! They clean!

Beefheart ’74

Is anyone here who happens to like Captain Beefheart?

Spot The Fridays

spot the friday

An exciting addition may be coming to KUR’s Friday Boots routine in the near future. While I want to leave you fully frustrated with a lack of information, I can tell you this: there is magic in the works.