Frank Zappa Makes 200 Motels

Holland Doc, an initiative of dutch VPRO TV, will be broadcasting a one hour film called “Frank Zappa Makes 200 Motels” on their website in the coming days (today, Saturday and Sunday to be exact). The site’s sort of messy to navigate and scarce in details, but you can view this film online by clicking on the “Links” section to the right. Scroll down the page to see at what times the film is scheduled.

8 Responses to “Frank Zappa Makes 200 Motels”

  1. BuffaloVoice says:

    Anybody know how to record the stream? I’m happy to trade with something else…
    myname at web dot de

  2. bernard says:

    Yep, just watched the movie. Great.

    By the way I’ve seen the film ( 200 motels) way back in the old days, as soon as it was released in Belgium. In an obscure Brussels cinema in Passage 44. There’s a kind of tourist office right now in that place.

  3. Duncan says:

    I grabbed it as a QuickTime movie but it was nearly 2GB so I squashed it into an m4v thingy, so it plays on a video iPod, but it is still 160MB. Uncle Beat Vine anyone?

  4. Balint says:

    Can you tell a few words about it? Is it a documentary? Is it totally different from “The True Story of…”?
    And: what is m4v?… I’d be interested, but all I have is a Windows XP…

  5. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    Duncan: wouldn’t the 2GB movie fit on a DVD? I didn’t have a chance to actually see this one; would be nice if an Uncle Beat vine was made for this…

  6. BuffaloVoice says:

    Finally figured out myself. Recorded the way it was streamed and it’s a 250MB. Let me know if you want to trade…
    myname at web dot de

  7. Duncan says:

    Yes it would go on a DVD but there seems to be little difference in quality with the reduced size. I will stick it on a CD – I guess more people can share CDs – and start a vine for it…. for free – no trades required :-)

  8. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    See you in Uncle Beat then? :)

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