Berlin, Feb 78

Whoops, overslept (well not really since today is a holiday here). Anyway, here’s Berlin, 15 February ’78 for your aural pleasure! Off to make some coffee…

4 Responses to “Berlin, Feb 78”

  1. spy says:

    Great show with “rat tomago” (sheik yerbouti) and “the sheik yerbouti tango” hidden in 2 of these songs (1 this week, 1 next week). The secret words for that night (on disc 2) being “ave maria”, I propose “holy day in Berlin” as a title for this show…….:)

  2. rfrong says:

    …and I left my rosary at home today! God Dammit!

  3. Balint says:

    I stole your idea for an article as a title, if you don’t mind… (I hope you don’t). The english version is under construction.

  4. spy says:

    No problem Balint ;)
    Here are the “pochette” as we say in French (you know, that country that is blowing itself up these days in the international free press) at this adress :
    And if you want it full size just let me know..

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