RIP Moog

Wasn’t going to post this, assuming everyone remotely interested in music would’ve heard the news — anyway: synthesizer innovator Bob Moog passed away yesterday at age 71.

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  1. Hairfarmer says:

    Went to the memorial yesterday afternoon. It was really pretty moving.

    Many people with varying credentials in the music industry (mostly academics, instrument industry people and a few musicians – all close friends) as well as family members and members of the Moog Music company family all reminiscing about Bob. Virtually no tears from anyone. As a matter of fact, everyone who spoke told at least one joke, usually jokes that they’d either heard from Bob or knew were his favorites.

    There was music, of course – before, during and as the end of the memorial. A local band called Toubab Krewe played as the bookends of the service. They were a recent favorite of Moog’s which I found rather ironic as none of them play electronic instruments. With the exception of electric guitar and bass the rest of the group all play acoustic instruments – Drums, Percussion and Kora (African Harp).
    There were also a few performances by Thereminists and Wendy Carlos spoke and presented recorded pieces of hers that were some of Bob’s favorites.

    I was definately impressed with the image of what kind of father Moog was when the band began performing an up-tempo piece to close the service. All of his children (ages 44 – 24) got up at the foot of the stage and not only started dancing, but encoureged everyone else to do likewise.

    I’m sure there will be more detailed accounts of the event here before long for anyone interested in checking it out.

  2. Hairfarmer says:

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  3. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

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