A Small Eternity (2)

You want some more Yoko, well here’s some more: in ’72, John & Yoko appear on the Mike Douglas show with Chuck Berry…

During some random boogie moments Yoko grabs a nearby microphone and lets loose with some spirited Yoko-style caterwauling. It’s SO wrong that I almost can’t believe it’s going to happen again every time I watch the video. A few times Mr. Berry’s eyes almost pop out of his head as his roots rock classic is injected with kooky downtown performance art on national television. One online critic describes the look on Berry’s face “as if somebody just poured an ice-cold beverage down his pants.” It’s that good.

4 Responses to “A Small Eternity (2)”

  1. Balint says:

    That’s unbelievable… Yes you can see Berry’s surprise, he might have been shocked. I don’t believe that woman is totally healthy, os sane or what.

  2. houdinination says:

    At least she doesn’t crawl into a bedlinnen and cuddle up on the floor, as seen on the DVD “Sweet Toronto” or something. G, is that the result of mind expanding drugs on female artists of the asian persuasion who had sex with a member of the Beatles?

    My, oh my.

  3. xorg says:

    The opening of lennon the musical has been postponed. See http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/arts/4723939.stm

    Maybe somebody got through to Yoko?

  4. SOFA says:

    If you watch closely, you’ll note that some astute soundman had her mic off for some of the catterwalling. It could have been an even longer eternity…

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