“The District” – prizewinning animation

“It’s not Verona but the deepest ghetto of Budapest. It’s not the Capulets and Montagues but rivalling Hungarian and Gypsy clans. It’s not about romance but money and oil.”


After the amazing Belgian masterpiece here’s a Hungarian animation called The District, that has just won first prize on the Annecy International Animated Festival.

It’s homepage is only in hungarian, sorry… But here are some pictures and some trailers (3 of them, on the bottom left) for you.

criticismthe synopsys – “Will anyone be offended?” – interview with the authors (all in english).

3 thoughts on ““The District” – prizewinning animation”

  1. Looks cool!

    …maybe it’s time to re-brand the country’s top cultural authority as the “Ministry of Counter-Culture,” so it can better focus on financing folk-dancing, opera and other stuff only true weirdoes waste their time on.

    If any of that criticism is true, I definitely have to see this one. :)

  2. It is funny how Triplettes is everybody’s masterpiece. French think it is a french masterpiece. In Quebec, people think it is a quebecois masterpiece. I didn’t know belgians claimed masterpice rights too :-)

    btw, the composer of the soundtrack is from Montréal: Benoit Charest almost got an Oscar for his song “Belleville Rendez-Vous”… he’s a great jazz guitar player too

    …sorry for the digression…

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