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  1. Many thanks to all those involved in TBN. I don’t think you need worry too much about the ZFT coming after you to ‘shut you down’. TBN and KUR provide better PR for FZ than they ever could and even Gail must realise that. Maybe you should sue them for payment!

  2. I couldn’t download this stuff – either in FireFox or Internt Explorer – kept getting ‘not found’ messages and so on.
    Anybody else had any problems?

    all the best,


  3. Neither could I – I could get the George Duke stuff, but it’s “only” streaming mp3 (or what), so not a “normal” download. (Its a pity you cannot really communicate with TBN.)

  4. Oh but you can, Balint! ;)

    The decision has been made to only provide streaming audio for all of TBN’s audio sections. The strain on the server holding the original .mp3’s was just too much for it to handle. If you so wish, it’s still possible to record the streaming audio as it’s being played on your computer, using desktop software (for mac osx for instance, WireTap can do that for you).

    I’ll see if SOFA can chime in for further thoughts…

  5. for your info this streaming server (GNUMP3d) has a “hole” that still makes it possible to download the mp3 files if you type the url directly…

  6. Since almost all of the “powers” at TBN read KUR daily, you can (and do) communicate directly with them, Balint.
    The link issue will cleared up soon.
    And a word to the wise: I wouldn’t recommend circumventing the system in the manner dork suggests. The Musibrarium is a gift from TBN to the Zappa community. If the gift doesn’t work, we’ll do what we can to make it work. Finding a way to “do it anyway” is just shy of hacking and that is one of the main reasons that the audio streamer was installed.
    Some folks were going well beyond downloading the Musibrarium offerings by accessing areas of the server not intended for the public. We cannot (actually, will not) physically prevent this, but if the practice continues TBN will shut down the Musibrarium and no one will be able to enjoy the music outside of TBN (which is the only way to physically prevent it). And we really don’t want to do that.
    Please do not consider the Musibrarium your own personal access to unlimited downloads; thank you…

  7. I am sorry you thought I was encouraging people to “hack” your server… I was just pointing that it is a publicly documented “hole”, along the line of “it is not a bug, it’s a feature”.

    Here’s a quote of the FAQ:

    “Every few months a user will report a security issue with the server when they realise that if they know the name of an audio file they can download it without being prompted for a password. This is a deliberate hole. Although that might seem nonsensical its mandated by the way the server works.”

  8. Hi guys!

    I’ve got a more basic problem – I cannot even play these files: I keep getting the message, ‘This operation has been timed out’ (or words to that effect)!! Blast!!! This is when I use Firefox. When I use Internet Explorer I just get the message, ‘This page cannot be displayed’ when I click on the file.
    Blast, blast!
    Any ideas?



  9. Dork: I did not mean to insinuate that you were “going where you ought not to”; the Musibrarium tracks are for everyone and the hole you mentioned is a legit feature. If my comment offended you, I apologize…
    Danny: I got the same message last night. I will check with the guru to see what this new problem is. Hopefully we’ll be squared away soon today.
    (BTW, some folks have been trying to reach you at the Zappa-List Danny; have you been checking in?)

  10. Hi Sofa!
    I’ve been having problems ‘integrating’ my Yahoo account with my Mozilla Thunderbird email client, so – yes, shamefully, guiltily – I haven’t looked at it for a while. I’ll check it out right now!!

    all the best,

    p.s. liked the artwork to ‘Intellectual machinery’, by the way. Now it’s just a question of actually lisening to Vol. 2!!

  11. Friends:
    In talking with the owner of the Crypt, it came to light that we may be experiencing the beginnings of some hardware difficulty. Upgrading some stuff is most likely to happen in the next month…
    Until everything is stable again, we’ll do our best to keep the old system limping along, and hope you can forgive us any lapse in service.
    Music is the Best!

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