In It For The Money

Wow — überblogger* Kottke is quitting his day-job to blog fulltime — and he’s asking for micropatrons to fund it. Now why didn’t I think of that?

* My sincere apologies for the recent overuse of the word “über”.

15 Responses to “In It For The Money”

  1. Nick Again says:

    Hopefully you will be forgiven your overuse of uber, and I will hopefully finally find out how to get that umlaut uber der u – maybe today, hopefully tomorrow. Das ist hopefully nicht unheimlich…

  2. Nick Again says:

    It hopefully doesn’t really matter, does it? Aw, forget it…

  3. SOFA says:

    You have… And that’s the problem…
    You need MACRO-patrons, not micro. Micro, you got…

  4. evaristo says:

    I keep hearing of people quitting their jobs and being paid to blog. I would gladly quit my blog if somebody paid me to work.

  5. vrnzr says:

    @nick again: try Alt+0252

  6. SOFA says:

    ü – hey, it works! But only for ü’s? What about other vowels?

  7. vrnzr says:

    ä – Alt+0228
    ̦ РAlt+0246

  8. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    You mean like Spïnal Täp? :)

  9. vrnzr says:

    Ÿøss !! :) :)

  10. SOFA says:

    I meant more like Mötley Spü…
    Where can I go to learn more nifty tricks like this?

  11. vrnzr says:

    Sofa: search your system32 for charmap.exe ;)

  12. SOFA says:

    No such file there…
    (my OS is 98.5 btw)
    A case of RTFMS?

  13. vrnzr says:

    C:\WINDOWS then ?

  14. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    I think Kottke should link to this post! :)

  15. SOFA says:

    Leo? Love him; he’s a great guitarist. I didn’t know he blogged.

    VRNZR: I tried a search for charmap.exe and found nothing…
    I assume this is part of the character generation on the machine?

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