Bush In Belgium

From the inbox:

“Hey Barry,
Bush is in Brussels. Any way to keep him from coming back here? Disable the airlines? Try him for extreme stupidity? You would be a hero to 280 million people…”

Well no, but I know this really rancid pita place right around the corner of NATO headquarters — if we could just get him to have supper there…

2 Responses to “Bush In Belgium”

  1. houdinination says:

    they are blocking up the whole surroundings of mainz for wednesday. i mean, it’s understandable:

    get the kids in, lock the doors, seal the windows, bush is coming to town! employers recommend to take a few days off and leave the city for the time being.

    well. something BAD is coming to town. understandable reactions, disguised as “safety measures to protect Bush”. Clever.

  2. Guacamole says:

    What is a pita place? is that like a doner kebab shop where they don’t have any compressed fatty lamb remnants, chopped salad and chilli sauce?

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