It’s only late morning but I’m sure you’d like to taste some exquisite Champaign, mis-en-bouteille in 1981. Salud!

3 Responses to “Champaign!”

  1. Bálint says:

    Thanks, great show! Solo of Pound For a Brown is just great – and I never heard Sinister Footwear as an intro before! Or rather an “intro-solo”. And: I also like the accompaniing tune of Baltimore. it much more a tiny kammerorchester than a rock band.

  2. jonnybutter says:

    Yeah, good boot. I think Frank said somewhere that one of these 80s bands never played ‘Ship Arriving Too Late’ correctly all the way thorough, but this version must be pretty damned close. Great guitar work on that one and other tunes.

    Yes, it’s an electric chamber orchestra AND a rock band!

    Thanks again to Gilles and Barry.

  3. jonnybutter says:

    By the way, since everyone has two things, something which smells like fish, and an opinion, a closed circuit to those of you who haven’t bothered with the album most of this material is on (FZ Meets…): it’s a very dynamite show. Good synclavier pieces (and a couple great ones) woven together with very good band-songs. Mostly very tight and focused, compositionally. You might not find yourself listening to ‘Porn Wars’ or ‘I Don’t Even Care’ (or maybe ‘Yo Cats’) all that much, but the CD version has lots of music worth repeat-listening.

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