Zappa Press Release

Via Magic Fingers, Musibrarium Keeper and overall Strictly Genteel Person, KUR got a hold of this:

FZ Press Release 77

A press release anouncing the 77-78 tour as well as the Läther album… and since FZ is the one writing it, you’re treated to little gems like this:

“C’mon now, press person! Concentrate… I know you skimmed through another half-dozen of these stupid press kits already today… you think I like to write these things every year before we go out on the road? Let’s face it, IT’S A PAIN IN THE BUTT… look whynt’cha sort of smooth out for a minute… sort of get yerself together… think about that novel you’re going to write when you don’t have to crank these little articles out anymore… take a deep breath… that’s it… puff up yer thorax… turn the page now.”

Here’s all three pages, for your reading pleasure: 1 | 2 | 3 .

3 Responses to “Zappa Press Release”

  1. xorg says:

    Maybe the chumps at ZFT will read this and note that the press release is intelligible, it contains information, and contact details for finding out more!

  2. Bálint says:

    Hah-hahaha! Great!

  3. guac says:

    Aah, clarity, information, perhaps a slight element of grandiosity, but nevertheless a STATEMENT OF FACTUAL INTENT WHICH WAS DELIVERED UPON.
    I echo xorg’s sentiment.

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