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All Caps

The case for ALL CAPS in favor of exclamation marks. I tend to agree, actually.

A 100 Years of Relativity

One hundred years ago, a man by the name of Albert Einstein introduced his Special Theory of Relativity, forever changing the way science looks upon reality. To explain that theory in simple terms is not the easiest of tasks — which is why, to this day, you can win a grand prize of 25,000 euros by making it understandable to the rest of us ignorant mortals. Anyone?

60 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

Frozen wind began to blow
Under my boots ‘n around my toe
Frost had bit the ground below…

What’s a man to do in a situation like that?

Massive Cow Manure

Dickinson said the smoke is not particularly malodorous — although that comes from a man who works full-time around manure. “I guess it’s just all perspective,” he said. “To me, it just smells like smoke. I really don’t know how to describe it.” (Thanks Hairfarmer, erh, I think!)


It’s only late morning but I’m sure you’d like to taste some exquisite Champaign, mis-en-bouteille in 1981. Salud!

FZ Tabs

Who says there’s no good FZ guitar tabs around? I just found about 34. Including G-Spot Tornado — which should keep you busy for some time…

Ouch !

delayed flight perhaps ?
yank it harder punky.

Download: Edinboro ’74

For fun. For a month. For you.

Toalla Para El Culo

Tomorrow morning we’ll be picking up some Argentine friends at the airport. With the Argentine bidet obsession in mind, I have created the following informational graphic:

Toalla Para El Culo

All my friends they call me Jim…

Hi Jim!

And Now For Some Oedipus

I took The Freud Quiz: “13/20. You passed, but not by much.” Yet another trauma I’ll have to live with.


“Monster movies have extensively explored scaling relationships, albeit usually incorrectly; knowing the true relationships often puts the entire movie into a new light.” Here’s one for the peasants in the area: a scientific look at the biology of B-Movie monsters. (via)

Day of Misery

The formula for the day of misery reads 1/8W+(D-d) 3/8xTQ MxNA. Where W is weather, D is debt – minus the money (d) due on January’s pay day – and T is the time since Christmas. And when is this day of misery you ask? Guess.

Zappa Press Release

Via Magic Fingers, Musibrarium Keeper and overall Strictly Genteel Person, KUR got a hold of this:

FZ Press Release 77

A press release anouncing the 77-78 tour as well as the Läther album… and since FZ is the one writing it, you’re treated to little gems like this:

“C’mon now, press person! Concentrate… I know you skimmed through another half-dozen of these stupid press kits already today… you think I like to write these things every year before we go out on the road? Let’s face it, IT’S A PAIN IN THE BUTT… look whynt’cha sort of smooth out for a minute… sort of get yerself together… think about that novel you’re going to write when you don’t have to crank these little articles out anymore… take a deep breath… that’s it… puff up yer thorax… turn the page now.”

Here’s all three pages, for your reading pleasure: 1 | 2 | 3 .

The Only Bush I Trust…

Bush Inauguration Protest

More Bush Inauguration Protest Pics.