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Fox Theatre ’77 Pt. Two

Good things come in parts.

Whispers and shouts

Marcelo Gobello, a journalist in London working for the newspaper La Capital (in Argentina), reports that Dweezil Zappa is planning a world tour to play the music of his father Frank. According to Gail, “the decision already is taken, meanwhile we will be seeing how, with whom and where, but I believe that most probable will be to begin the tour by Europe the next summer (July, August 2005)”. “Unofficially, names of impressive ex–musicians of Zappa are shuffled to conform the band that will return to take to the scenes (although nonofficials several exist that are dedicated to make versions everywhere) the music and legacy of the genius of Baltimore.”

Teenage Prostitute Redux

Didja miss Santa Monica, Dec 11 ’80? to the rescue. Our hungarian friends have just launched a monthly boot download, similar to KUR’s Friday Boots.

Right Time, Right Place

One day in 1995, Joe requested a tour of the legendary Vault. “Just by looking at the names on the boxes,” Travers remembers, “I knew more about the contents of the Vault than anyone working there at the time,” including various audio experts. “The staff went back and told [Frank's widow] Gail that I knew more about what’s in the Vault than anybody else. She said, ‘Great, he’s the Vaultmeister.’”

The Big Note’s Christmas Edition

You know there’s two ways to updating a site. You either update daily, desperately throwing in silly links to various silly items (that’s what we do here at KUR) — or you save up the stuff that really matters and wait for the right moment to unleash it upon the world at large (any resemblence to the act of sex is purely coincidental by the way). The Big Note, for one, does the latter very well. There’s much goodness in their latest update. Of particular interest though: TBN’s School Of Music and TBN’s 2005 Swimsuit Calendar. Run Forest, run, and check it out!


WBUR aired a FZ special yesterday evening, featuring an interview with Barry Miles (and a snippet of the infamous gig with Lennon/Ono!). It’s now available online. (OT: stupid question I’m sure, but why do all American radio-stations have a “W” in their name?)

‘t Is The Season To Be Jelly

It’s Christmas time, there is a need to be afraid — the curse of the Christmas single.

That, And A Buxom Half Naked Princess Of Course

“4. Create a Wise but Useless Guide. The Guide is a wise adviser who knows all about the Quest, but never fully reveals it. He also appears to have immense powers but will not use them when they are most required.”
How to write a best selling fantasy novel.

Surprise rocks Disney trial

I always knew that Goofy had a drug problem.

Fox Theatre ’77 Pt. One

For the next two weeks we’ll be offering FZ Live at Fox Theatre 1977. Without further ado, here’s Part One. Enjoy!

Hello, Barry

We have recommendations for you.
(If you’re not Barry, click here.)
– via Joy

Celine’s Spells

Does the life you been leadin’ gotta go? Well let Celine straighten you out! “I have been doing love spell’s since the age of 16 years old. All my spell’s are done only trough white magic power full prayer and meditation” Wonderful spelling allright.

Five Mistakes

Five Mistakes Band & Label Sites Make.
1: Too much Flash — “Okay, I get it. You’re creative. Awesome. But you’re totally wasting my morning as I helplessly wait for your designer’s dancing sausages to finish loading.”
I know someone who should read this…

More Fun With G-Groups

Still digging around GoogleGroups, here’s the earliest affz posts made on Sep 16 ’91. The first words ever posted there were, apparently: “another group without a summery!”. Also of interest: Dec 1993, the month in which FZ died.

Google Groups

Lookin’ good: Google has started a group service similar to YahooGroups which also allows you to read/subscribe to usenet groups such as affz. I wonder how much file-storage Google provides, seeing as how certain Y-groups are starting to lack storage space. (Update: you get seemingly infinite storage in the form of email-attachments apparently.)