The Quiz Of Your Dreams

Back in the good old days (Clinton was still president!) I put together an online Zappa quiz with the aid of the ever helpful SOFA. Due to my terminal redesignitis it had long since disappeared from these pages. Until now…
Introducing The Quiz Of Your Dreams — so you think you know yer Zappa eh?

9 Responses to “The Quiz Of Your Dreams”

  1. Milhouse G says:

    I got 44 / 50 correct. Not bad, if I may say so!
    I’m admittedly a little bit puzzled about question #10, though. All three of the songs listed as multiple choice answers are co-credited to Shankar and FZ on the album. Is the question specifically supposed to refer to the *lyrics* being co-written? If that’s the case, I can see why I got it wrong. :)

  2. SOFA says:

    Hey Milhouse!
    Nice job! I got 47 of 50 and I created the quiz…
    AFA as question 10 goes (one of the ones that I got wrong also), I need to go back and check but I’m sure the question was generated by Russo’s Cosmik Debris – FIRST edition. Greg revised quite a bit of his book in subsequent printings and this question may be one of those points that was revised…
    Now, if I could only get Barry to revamp the other quizes I created…

  3. Dr Sharleena says:

    I got 30 of 50. “Not bad but could have been better” specially considering i already answered the quiz years ago :D

  4. Barry says:

    Milhouse: impressive!
    SOFA: I’m curious… which 3 questions did you miss out on? I think I know at least one, and it envolves the Yes snippet in one of the YCDTOSA’S! ;)

  5. Duodenum says:

    33 out of 55. Oh well, years go by and I get a couple more right……..

  6. SOFA says:

    No, I got that one right (why, is the answer wrong?). I missed 10, 17, & 35. I answered “Knee Deep in Heaters”, 9 shows, and Ezra Mohawk.

  7. Bálint says:

    31… It was tricky.

  8. divineswan says:

    30/50 :-(

  9. guac says:

    37 – can’t remember what my original score first time round was but I suspect I probably made the same mistakes second time around ( a bit of a metaphor for life really ).