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Coffee ‘n Beer

Perhaps the only beer FZ could have liked. What’s next? Nicotine-beer? Heineken-smokes?

Pics from 1976

Here are some pictures from march 1976 – the OZ times (Zürich). Some of them are not the best quality, but at least something – made by Ueli Frey. Oh, and here are some from 1979. (is the guy in sunglasses Warren Cuccurullo?)
…And some more from ( I think) 14-Oct 1975, Kansas! Hm, I’ve never seen any pictures from that time! This might be the one and only picture of Roy Estrada from that tour?

Me. Me!

New Yorker self-centeredness exemplified with the aid of a camera enabled cellphone: 24in48. Stay tuned as tomorrow, I moblog how I brush my teeth!



Meaning! collects user comments about song-lyrics. Here’s a comment for Bobby Brown: “I think this song is about a guy who thought he was great and that he could do anything but in the end it failed and he became a looser and a queer.”
Hmm, no foolin’…

Waiter, There’s A Virgin Mary On My Toast

“You are viewing an extroidinary out of this world item!! I made this sandwich 10 years ago, when I took a bite out of it, I saw a face looking up at me, It was Virgin Mary starring back at me!”

End Of Poll One

Allreety, I’ve closed the first poll where you were asked which format you prefer for the Friday Boots. I realize the irony of this poll coinciding with my having to take the latest boot offline — but anyway, a 110 votes later:
– mp3: 55%
– flac/shn: 40%
– no pref.: 5%
Duly noted! ;)
Oh, and have a look at the new poll, why don’t you…

Quite The Jump

David Lee Roth, the rock singer whose unfortunate choice of onstage clothing I vaguely remember, is training to be a NYC paramedic.

In Praise of Kitties

Woman builds church. In lego. For her cat. (Which, by the way, shows a striking resemblence to our feline lodger.)

Jerry & The Jets

Cruising with Jerry and the Jets: “Enjoy the teaching and fellowship of Dr. Jerry Falwell, Chancellor of Liberty University and Pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church, on this adventure of a lifetime!”

Usenet Weirdness

> How come most of the Greek sculptures have no arms?
The Journal of Irreproducible Results puplished a study on this some years ago. The conclusion was that the arms were stolen by Indians (Indian Indians form India). Note that many Indian statues have more than two arms.
Strange Usenet Posts (2, 3)


Pat Boone and Lois Lane are singing a new song about ME! It’s a great tune, but I must use all my super-powers to prevent it from becoming a hit!


When depressed about where this increasingly fucked up world is headed, follow these steps:
1) Purchase this.
2) Optionally purchase this.
3) Shake off nasty taste of consumerist behaviour.
4) Your mantra: “Whatever gets me through the night”.
5) Turn off computer.
6) No really. Turn off computer. Trust me.
7) Two words: Vandelay Industries.
8) Rejoice!

Masters Of War

It’s just Bob Dylan’s song. We were just singing Bob Dylan’s song … If you think it has to do with Bush that’s because you’re drawing your own conclusions. We never conveyed that Bush was the person we were talking about,” said Allysse Wojtanek-Watson, a singer for the band.

File Under Fruitcake

My WTF moment of the day:
MacNET: “Care to explain?”
Doug: “Sure. Why not? I am preserving our history. When the world goes up in flames in this jihad against all things Western, music will be one of the first casualties. I want to preserve that. No matter what it costs.”