Inane Clown Posse

Here’s an idea: let’s dress up as clowns and start a religious cult. Let’s call ourselves: Juggalos. (I’m guessing all these kids end up tossing burgers at McDonalds.)

4 Responses to “Inane Clown Posse”

  1. guac says:

    Howzabout Don Preston’s old employer ?.

  2. Barry says:

    Now I’m stuck humming Orchard Road for the rest of the day. Thanks guac.

  3. St. Tan says:

    Damn, someone beat me to that idea.

  4. puptentacle says:

    “I find it’s kinda of a way to express myself. I can be different. I can be myself”


    Oh wow, that is funny…that is just….funny…

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