Best Cover Versions

The 50 best cover versions of original songs. What, no “Louisiana Hooker With Herpes“? Must agree with their #1 pick, although Johnny Cash’s rendition of U2’s “One” comes close.

3 Responses to “Best Cover Versions”

  1. Sterbus from Rome says:

    Maybe you should listen to my cover of “come as you are” of Nirvana… click on “nice shoes,wanna fuck?”(the album title) and enjoy it!

    Don’t hate me,I’m a beautiful guy,and the 88 version of Moggio is great.

  2. guac says:

    IMHO, “Hey Joe” cover by Hendrix should be top of the list – it changed the direction of music completely.
    (Hey Barry, whadya think of Johnny Cash’s versions of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and “We’ll Meet Again” ?)

  3. Barry says:

    I’m tempted to say those versions are better than the originals… BTW let’s not forget NIN’s Hurt.

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