From Whenst Thou Comest

What website did you visit just prior to hitting KUR? Inquiring minds want to know. Just copy/paste that link in the comments (or make it a fancy clickable html link, if you’re up for it). May be the Jethro Tull homepage, may be an Aria Giovanni page, may be the ABBA Appreciation League HomePage. may be a Windows XP driver page. Let’s see it! (No google/excite/yahoo/whatHaveYou portal pages please)


Wild Man Fischer, cult-phenomenon whose An Evening With… was produced by FZ, is the subject of a soon to be released documentary called Derailroaded (watch the trailer).

This one should be very interesting: “We visit him at home, follow him on the streets, and speak with those who over the years witnessed – and survived – his erratic behavior: his family, his doctor, and industry professionals (including Frank and Gail Zappa, Weird Al Yankovic, Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh, Solomon Burke, Dr. Demento, and Billy Mumy).”