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Nope. Can’t.

It Can’t Happen Here, as written by one Sinclair Lewis. In 1935.

Inane Clown Posse

Here’s an idea: let’s dress up as clowns and start a religious cult. Let’s call ourselves: Juggalos. (I’m guessing all these kids end up tossing burgers at McDonalds.)

Moore Keeps On Rockin’

A new video for Neil Young’s Keep On Rockin’ In The Free Worlddirected by Michael Moore.

Houdini Nation

Our pal Tommi Eisele launched his pet SF project just recently. Houdini Nation is set up to procure info on every single SF-novel the author has read. It’s neatly ordered by author, title and publisher — and I think you’ll have fun browsing the Covers section. For Zappa and Cheepnis are always a good match…


Zappabase Online looks to be a pretty complete point of reference for all of FZ’s concerts, bands, musicians and songs. Quite handy — if not as graphically pleasing as this version. ;)

From Whenst Thou Comest

What website did you visit just prior to hitting KUR? Inquiring minds want to know. Just copy/paste that link in the comments (or make it a fancy clickable html link, if you’re up for it). May be the Jethro Tull homepage, may be an Aria Giovanni page, may be the ABBA Appreciation League HomePage. may be a Windows XP driver page. Let’s see it! (No google/excite/yahoo/whatHaveYou portal pages please)

The Incredibles

Went to see The Incredibles today.

the incredibles

Let’s just say I owe Disney an apology. Great characters, amazing animation. I’d bitch about the somewhat underdeveloped, predictable storyline but the wife would kick my butt. Superpowers indeed! ;)

That Other Barry

An interesting profile on Barry Miles. “We tried out different types of Benzedrine – very seriously, making notes. We were artists – none of this hedonistic bullshit!”

Got Boots?

*stumbles into the office to make a quick post*
Stonybrook 3/11/84 Pt. One is back. And if that doesn’t suit your fancy, maybe this will.


Wild Man Fischer, cult-phenomenon whose An Evening With… was produced by FZ, is the subject of a soon to be released documentary called Derailroaded (watch the trailer).

This one should be very interesting: “We visit him at home, follow him on the streets, and speak with those who over the years witnessed – and survived – his erratic behavior: his family, his doctor, and industry professionals (including Frank and Gail Zappa, Weird Al Yankovic, Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh, Solomon Burke, Dr. Demento, and Billy Mumy).”


Well, it seems to be a thrilling new trend to air FZ’s music on webradios. So here you are: on a Hungarian free-radio called FIKSZ you can listen Zappa for 3 days! From wednesday till Sunday there will be nothing but Zappa – they say. Check out! – by clicking “online”on the left you can connect to it.

Best Cover Versions

The 50 best cover versions of original songs. What, no “Louisiana Hooker With Herpes“? Must agree with their #1 pick, although Johnny Cash’s rendition of U2’s “One” comes close.

Tastes Like Chicken

The field of culinary evolution faces one great dilemma: why do most cooked, exotic meats taste like cooked Gallus gallus, the domestic chicken?

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I’m now managing all the link-lists to the right with my WP install (instead of BlogRolling). Since its creator has a bit of an obsession with cramming everything into html lists, I’m having a wonderful time beating these suckers into submission. So if things look a bit funky on the side, please do let me know…

Poncho Bush

This image is begging for a suitable caption. Alas, I’m too lazy to think of one.