Vote. Early. Often.

Making the switch: stories from people who voted Bush in 2000 and will vote Kerry next Tuesday. Bush, Kerry and brand association. So far 125 US newspapers officially endorse Kerry, including at least 35 that had endorsed Bush in 2000. The New Yorker makes its first political endorsement in 80 years – pro Kerry. Who will you vote for? The Brits for one, are willing to fill you in. (And remember, when in Florida…)

3 Responses to “Vote. Early. Often.”

  1. bababooey says:

    What a bullshit website! I got a headache.

  2. Barry says:

    Go cry on somebody else’s shoulder…

  3. Bob Again says:

    My advice to Sleepless in Wading River, NY, Keep your boots on while wading. It has three-eyed fish and it’s smelling strong!

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